Tyson Phillips

Tyson Phillips is the Co-Founder of AT Systems, LLC, a Dallas based Aviation Training Company, as well as Co-Inventor of the ATS Device, a patented IIMC and DVE training device.

Mr. Phillips’ became interested in aviation at a young age, and in 2002 after the attacks of September 11, he joined the Oklahoma Army National Guard as a UH-60 Crew Chief.  In 2006 he accepted an offer to attend Army Flight School at Fort Rucker, AL. 

Since completion of flight school Mr. Phillips has attended multiple military training schools to include:  Instructor Pilot Course, Aviation Mission Survivability Officer Course (formerly TACOPS), Instrument Examiner Course and Fixed Wing Multi-Engine Qualification Course. 

Mr. Phillips is a combat veteran of multiple deployments with the Oklahoma Army National Guard.

His aircraft qualifications include the UH-60 A/L/M, multiple versions of the Army C-12 and the civilian EC-145.  Mr. Phillips currently serves as an instructor pilot for the Oklahoma Army National Guard.

Along with his military qualifications Mr. Phillips has multiple FAA ratings including; CFII-Helicopter and Commercial Instrument Single and Multi-Engine (land) Airplane.

Mr. Phillips and his wife Kelley have three boys.