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The Future of Spatial Disorientation Training

The NTSB board meeting reviewing the January 2020 Calabasas accident was held February 9th. The video above contains parts of the discussion and subsequent recommendations. The board discussed that simulators do not provide the vestibular illusions encountered during Degraded Visual Environment induced Spatial Disorientation. The board recommended the use of appropriate simulation based scenario training that was described earlier in the video.

The ATS Device is the only in-aircraft Visibility Simulation System (VSS) on the market that provides safe and effective scenario based training. Through the patented safety features and frequently updated built-in scenarios provide relevant and realistic training that meets and exceeds the NTSB recommendations.

In-aircraft training of Spatial Disorientation (SD) brought on by Degraded Visual environments (DVE) has been missing from aviation… until now.  AT Systems LLC’s revolutionary, patented device changes the way aviators will train for DVE (dust, snow, haze, rain, mist, fog, smoke, low clouds).  The ATS Device is the first in the industry to merge simulated DVE environments with in-aircraft training, creating realistic conditions for spatial disorientation.

DVE accidents are most often caused by SD resulting in improper flight control inputs by the pilot. SD is caused by a confusion between the vestibular (inner-ear) and the proprioceptive (seat of the pants) systems with a lack of the visual cues. Simulators have long been the staple in DVE training but are unable to induce SD due to the lack of sustained vestibular inputs (angular/linear acceleration). 

The ATS Device is an in-aircraft visibility simulation system that can train a pilot, in the actual aircraft, for DVE conditions while the safety pilot and crew are not affected and are able to keep the aircraft safe. By simulating DVE environments, the ATS Device can safely train pilots in all modes of flights.  The ATS Device is designed to incorporate available resources, such as NVG’s, HUD or synthetic vision. 

Aviators today, especially military and civil rotor-craft operators, often find themselves in rapidly changing weather conditions.  It is the obligation of every organization to provide tools and training to prepare their aviators for these conditions. The ATS Device ensures your aviators are receiving the proper tools and training to survive and to own these environments.