IIMC Training

  • Programmed Scenarios – Previous accidents are prebuilt into the system to allow training on real-world accidents.  This creates a relevant and realistic training scenario.
  • Random – A pseudo-random sequence for creating an IIMC environment.  The delay to begin the degraded visual conditions and the rate of change vary during every iteration.  This allows multiple training cycles without duplication of the conditions.
  • Programmed Point – A preprogrammed point will allow the scenario to begin when getting within a “bubble” around the point the safety pilot preprogrammed.
  • Multi-Ship – Using the Programmed Point, an aircraft can experience, the same weather as the other aircraft in the flight.  This facilitates not only individual training but collective training for the unit.
  • Manual – Ceilings and visibility can be set and modified by the safety pilot anytime prior to and during the manual scenario.