FAA Civil Helicopter Statistics

From 2000-2014 IIMC accounted for 82 accidents causing 150 fatalities.  The statistical cost of life for these accidents was over $1,400,000,000*. 

The 2015 NTSB MOST WANTED cited the need for scenario-based training.  The FAA revised FAR 135.293 which requires testing pilots for avoidance of flat-light, whiteout, brownout conditions and to demonstrate recovery from IIMC.  Training that accurately recreated the spatial disorientation environments did not exist prior to the invention of the ATS Device.

US Army Helicopter Statistics

From 2000-2017 US Army Aviation has sustained 180 accidents to DVE and IIMC environments.  The accidents resulted in the loss of 150 Army and non-Army personnel.  These accidents cost the over $2 bn is lives and equipment.  Reducing the overall readiness and combat effectiveness of the US Army.

*Civil statistical value of human life computed using US DOT 2015 Adjustment
**US Army statistical value of human life computed in accordance with DA Pam 385-40 dated 19 March 2015