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Innovative Technology for Training IIMC in the Aircraft

AT Systems, LLC is proud to be invited to demonstrate new training technology at HeliExpo. AT Systems has patented a device that trains pilots for degraded visual environment during normal training flights. The device can be seen at the Safety Town Hall and in several exhibits. This totally unique device is the latest technology in training for low visibility events such as Inadvertent IMC, brown-out or white-out conditions. The device originally designed for military training, attaches to a helmet without modification and produces a degraded visual environment controlled by an
instructor-operated iPad.

This mode of training allows the pilot to experience both simulated visibility and the actual sensations the body feels during forward flight. While flight simulators reduce visibility and give the illusion of movement, the ATS device provides reduced visibility while actually moving increasing the likelihood of visual and vestibular illusions. The pilot gets the actual aircraft motion during flight. Through internal safety sensors the system is removed from the pilots field of view if predefined conditions are exceed, restoring an unobstrocuted view for aircraft recover. The unit can be used anytime during a training flight, including during NVG training.

Effective real-world training will decrease high accident rates occurring in reduced visibility environments. This new technology will be affordable and easy to use and provides the most effective training for a degraded visual environment.

The Safety Town Hall is on Wednesday, January 29 from 9-11am in Room 304AB. There will be panel discussions on decision making, surviving IIMC, AT Systems innovative solutions, regional outreach programs and maintenance training initiatives.

AT Systems is a veteran owned small business founded in 2016 by Andre Lavallee and Tyson Phillips in an effort to provide effective solutions to documented safety threats in helicopter operations.

AT Systems accepting reservations for IIMC Training Device

AT Systems announced it will begin taking pre-order reservations for its patented in-aircraft IIMC/UIMC training system starting March 1, 2020. After receiving overwhelming interest at Heli-Expo, AT Systems is excited to offer the revolutionary training system to the civilian market starting in October 2020. Full production is scheduled to begin mid-year.

The innovative patented ATS Device is designed to be used in the aircraft for training decreased visual environments including Inadvertent IMC, brown out and white out conditions. The msystem limits visibility, in half mile increments, and creates an environment conducive to visual illusions. Coupled with the natural forces of the aircraft, this leads the pilot to vestibular and proprioceptive illusions that cause Spatial Disorientation.

“Many fatal helicopter accidents have been attributed to spatial disorientation in reduced visibility.” said Tyson Phillips, AT Systems co-founder. “In-aircraft training in limited visibility conditions is critical for effective spatial disorientation training and awareness and needs to be trained frequently. The patented safety system allows reduced visibility training to be conducted safely, keeping the occupants and aircraft safe. For a limited time, we are accepting reservations without deposit to introduce our training solution to the industry.”

AT Systems’ training and support program uses the ATS Device as a corner stone of the program. It is designed to be affordable and is customized to meet the individual needs of the operator. AT Systems provides two options. Small operators have the option to participate in a shared program which provides 30 days per quarter to complete training with their pilots. Larger operators may choose the shared program or can participate in the year-round program. Each package can be customized to cater to both helmet and non-helmeted operators and is priced according to the level of participation.

Along with quarterly updates of accident scenarios derived from real world accidents, the annual training and support program will include best practices from all areas of the helicopter industry and maintenance of equipment. The training program is updated quarterly to keep the scenario-based training fresh, relevant, and realistic.

AT Systems is beginning to collect and publish personal accounts of Spatial Disorientation. You can become part of the solution, share your Spatial Disorientation story and read others stories of survival:

AT Systems is a veteran owned small business founded in 2016 by Andre Lavallee and Tyson Phillips in an effort to provide effective solutions to documented safety threats in helicopter operations. To learn more about AT Systems visit: