Frequently Asked Questions

What patents does AT Systems have?

Does the Device Connect to the Aircraft?
No, the ATS Device is a standalone system. It does not require to be connected to the aircraft. The ATS Device provides all required power and AHRS for the system.
Does the helmet need to be modified?
No, the helmet does not require any modification. The ATS Device is installed using preexisting helmet hardware.
How does the ATS Device produce the same weather conditions in multiple aircraft for multi-ship training?
Through our patent pending technology, a pseudo random program controls the deterioration of the weather conditions. The scenario is initiated when an aircraft penetrates a bubble around a predetermined point.
What is Spatial Disorientation?
It’s a person’s inability to determine their orientation, position, location, and motion relative to their environment.
Why can’t simulators induce Spatial Disorientation?
While simulators are a mainstay in aviation training, they lack linear and angular acceleration required to induce SD. This limitation is even greater in non-motion simulators. Further, an FAA study has found that pilots in simulators experience less than 10% of the G load of the actual aircraft.
How many aircraft can the debrief station display?
Our debrief station, powered by TACVIEW, is capable of displaying 1-4 aircraft flight on a single playback.
What system does the ATS Device use to connect the AHRS, iPad and ATS Device?
We use WIFI protocol for the connection between the components. This is technology currently being used in FAA and Army aircraft.