ATS Device

The ATS Device is a patented in-aircraft training device that trains pilots for DVE, such as IIMC and brown/white out.  Effective real-world training will reduce high accident rates occurring in these environments.

The device attaches to currently used helmets, requiring no modifications. The ATS Device is a stand-alone training system requiring no alternation to the aircraft for power or telemetry data.

Controlled wirelessly through a tablet application.  

Regularly updated accident scenarios replicate real-world historical accident conditions.

The ATS Device is able to simulate DVE conditions while incorporating available resources such as NVG’s, HUD or synthetic vision. For proper training, pilots using these resources require a way to safely limit their vision, forcing them to rely on the information these technologies provide.  

Visibility can be set between 0 to 6 miles in ¼ mile increments and ceilings set to any altitude in 100ft increments.

The patented technology provides safety features to cease training scenarios when users preset conditions are exceeded.  The parameters include; pitch, roll, altitude, descent rate and the proximity of other aircraft to the training aircraft.

The ATS Device can simultaneously train pilots in multi-ship formation flights, allowing each flying pilot to experience the same weather conditions.  With the patented technology, each pilot experiences the same weather at the same time.  The scenario is autonomous and changes each time it is run. This training validates, not only individual actions, but collective responses of the individuals in accordance with the organizations Standard Operating Procedures (SOP).