AT Systems Training Program
The ATS Device was developed and designed to lower the accident rates in the helicopter industry and to save lives. AT Systems offers the best solution on the market. The ATS Device is part of an annual training program. Through the annual training program AT Systems maintains the equipment, and software providing a turnkey training program for the end user at a yearly price that fits most any operation.

ATS Device
The patented ATS Device (US Patent 10249208) was developed allowing safe in-aircraft training of Degraded Visual Environments (DVE) and the resultant Spatial Disorientation (SD) caused by these conditions. If preset parameters including; Pitch, Roll, Altitude and Vertical Speed; are exceed the build in safety system clears and removes the visibility limiting system from the field of view. The ATS Device uses an Attitude Heading Reference System that is completely self-contained not requiring attachment to any aircraft system and is controlled via an included iPad.

IIMC Training Modes

Programmed Scenario Training
Effective training must be relevant and realistic. With our quarterly updates created from real-world accidents the training pilot experiences conditions that have caused an accident in the past.

Random Scenario
Each iteration changes the simulated conditions experienced by the training pilot. Which allows an unlimited number of multiple training iterations without duplicating the

Pre-programmed Point
Enables quick, realistic training to be developed regardless of mission set. When the aircraft gets within 1 mile of the programmed point a random ceiling and visibility reduction when begin to affect the flying pilot.

Manual – Safety pilot can set and change the visibility and ceilings as desired.

IMC Training
The safety pilot is able to set take off and recovery weather keeping the flying pilot in the training weather throughout the flight. This approach to training IMC provides enhanced training to improve and maintain instrument proficiency.

Dust and Snow Landing Training
The system is designed to simulate Dust or Snow landings by obscuring the pilots vision based on algorithms using speed and altitude.

Training Support
• Our staff is always available to assist with creating effective training or
system support.
• AT Systems continuously monitors trends and accidents in the industry.
• AT Systems keeps aviators current on SD developments in the industry
– Current event updates
– Quarterly SD accident reviews to share with your organization including
discussion topics to facilitate group discussions.
• Training techniques and best practices shared from across the helicopter
industry. Eleanor Roosevelt once said “Learn from the mistakes of others.
You can’t live long enough to make them all yourself.”
• The ATS Device tracks individual pilots to assist the organization with
internal tracking or to provide insurance companies with proof of training
for applicable discounts.

Equipment support
AT Systems will support any defect as well as damage from normal use or neglect (damage limits apply) caused by the end user. A replacement will be sent out the next business day after begin
notified of repair needs. Having a training system ready to go when your pilots are ready to train is a top priority for us.

Customized solutions
AT Systems prides itself on catering to each individual operator. We do not believe a single solution fits every operator. While we believe our training system can benefit every helicopter operator, we know each operation requires a unique approach to fit their operations.

Small Operator Share Program
Our focus is affordability. For our smaller operators, AT Systems offers a program that puts our patented system in their hands one month per quarter. Any effective training program requires relevant, realistic and regular training. This Share Program facilitates quarterly training of pilots with new training scenarios.

Larger Operator Annual Program
Large operators will have enough training requirements to keep a device year around. The focus must be kept on every pilot being able to train at least quarterly. We analyze the needs of each operation to build a custom solution.

Helmeted Customers
Our patented training system is designed for use with the Gentex HGU-56 Family of Helmets. If needed we offer a package that includes a Gentex HGU-56 helmet. The ATS Device is designed as a modular system and we will add additional helmet options as demand dictates.

Non-Helmeted Customer
Recognizing the industry’s need for a non-helmeted solution we have incorporated a “bump” helmet that fits around the most popular headsets in the industry. This allows the user to fly with the headset they are accustomed to with minimal deviations from their standard flying configurations. The non-helmet solution is not compatible with NVGs.

Night Vision Goggles (NVG) Compatible
Our helmeted solution supports most NVG options.

Synthetic Vision Compatible
Our helmeted solution supports most current and emerging Synthetic Vision options.

Part 61 and 141 Training Programs
Our flight school operators each have a unique operation and our system can be catered specifically for each flight school. We are able to build a program unique to each university and flight school that best serves their student base.

Add on Components
AAR Recording and Playback – Our AAR station allows your aircrews to immediately debrief a training mission. This provides reinforcement of positive and review of negative performance. The AAR Station also frees up the safety pilot to allow a scenario to develop providing a better training experience for the pilot and a more thorough debrief.